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Not all audio cables are the same: At Piranha we use the highest quality Polyamide sheathed cable with multi-strand, oxygen free, copper cores. Our cable is manufactured using braided shields made up with a huge number of very thin strands which provide an amazing 99% coverage, while still allowing maximum flexibility. To minimize noise a cable has to be mechanically stable, so all our microphone cables have fibre fillers which pack out the jacket to ensure that they hold their dimensions and remain stable in all situations. The fillers also prevent stretching and slipping which can induce mechanical noise. Audio cables are required to carry very low-level signals, which are typically in the range of -70dB to -120dB. This makes them very susceptible to electromagnetic interference and to capacitance changes caused by vibration, flexing and even temperature changes. Simply handling a cable can cause noise. The solution to these problems lie in the design and quality of the cable, and Piranha cables have been carefully designed and manufactured without compromise, for maximum performance and reliability. The result is the perfect audio cable: rugged, supple, with built-in reliability and astounding performance,  guaranteed by the brand you can trust.

Nothing sounds quite like a Piranha cable!


Professional Microphone and Guitar Cables

Piranha Professionals are winners!
All Piranha Professional instrument cables have a special conductive sleeve which screens the inner cores to enhance immunity from all forms of interference. For both our microphone and instrument cables we use our high quality super flexible cable and always specify genuine Neutrik, industry standard, professional XLR and jack connectors which are the best in the world. PROFESSIONAL cables are available in all lengths. Colours available are Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Purple.

Ultimate Guitar Cables

Piranha Ultimate Cables really shine!
Piranha Ultimate guitar cables are manufactured using our highest quality, flexible, multi stranded, oxygen free copper cable with a genuine gold-plated, industry standard, Neutrik professional NP2X jack on one end and a gold-plated, highly acclaimed Neutrik 'Silent' jack on the other. The 'Silent' jack is designed to mute when the jack is removed from the guitar socket which eliminates any annoying pops and bangs. It really is the Ultimate cable for the serious guitarist. ULTIMATE cables are available in all lengths. Colours available are Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Purple.

Classic Guitar Cables

Piranha Classics are seriously good!
The two enemies – capacitance change and electromagnetic interference – are a challenge to the performance of cables which, by the nature of their job, have to carry very low signal levels. We have designed away these problems and produced a cable which is, as near as possible, immune to hum and crackle. Classic guitar cables are built using Genuine Neutrik Connectors. CLASSIC cables are available in all lengths. Colours available are Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Purple.


American Guitar Cables

Our tribute to the Stars and Stripes!
Piranha American cables are made using super soft instrument cable with Polymer sheathing and high-grade, oxygen free, copper cores to give the technical excellence and rugged handling capability that you would expect from the Big Country. They look good, they work hard and they help to reduce noise. AMERICANS are available in 3 metre and 6 metre lengths. Colours available are Black, Red and Blue.

M1 Microphone Cables

Highly affordable mic cables!
Piranha M1 mic cables are manufactured using super flexible cable and Neutrik high quality connectors. Available in 10 metre, 6 metre, 3 metre and 1 metre lengths. Colours available are Black, Red and Blue

Scorpion Guitar Cables

Deadly black cables!
Super flexible black cables with genuine Neutrik jacks. Available in Black in 3 metre and 6 metre lengths.

Piranha manufacture a full range of Audio cables including
Speaker, Midi and Splitter cables.